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What Are Timeshares And How Do I Get An RCI Points Timeshare?

Our RCI Points Timeshares Are Low Cost To Buy And Start At Just £995 With Low Management Fees. We have an excellent range of low cost, high point value and low management fee RCI Points Timeshares. We look forward to helping you , just call 01273 844 570 or mail us at info@rcipointstimeshare.com.

RCI points is the newest timeshare exchange system offered by RCI. It offers unbelievable flexibility and allows you to use your timeshare to swap to non timeshare products such as Cruises, hotels, car hire etc. With RCI Points you are given the flexibility to change the size of accommodation, length and season of stay to suit each individual holiday

We have sold to over 3,000 extremely happy clients.

How Much Is It To Buy RCI Points? You can have an ownership from just £995. Best seller is 108,000 RCI Points for £1995 Yearly Fee £398

At our prices you can by 10 times as much for the same prices elsewhere. Buying RCI Points Is Easy. If flexibility is your main holiday priority then the RCI points system may be just what you need. If you want more info just ask us at info@rcipointstimeshare.com or read on!

What Are Timeshares and What Are RCI Point Timeshares?

RCI is the biggest of the exchange networks with over 3800 resorts and you can request a reservation to go to any of them using RCI Point timeshares. You own a week or weeks of timeshare at a resort and convert them to use as Points with the exchange company RCI. Then you can request anywhere that you have enough RCI points to go to.

Each week of timeshare has a value in RCI points depending on the size of unit, the quality, the resort and the time of year. The better the timeshare, the more RCI points it is worth. You pay an annual fee every year for the maintenance of the resort you own at, this is called the management fee. The best way to buy a timeshare to own RCI Points is to have a week with a lot of points value and a low management fee every year. So you have a big ownership but low costs, which means cheap holidays and vacations.

How Much Is It To Buy RCI Points? Existing Owner? How Much To Convert To RCI Points?

Its easy to buy an RCI Points Ownership from us.
All our weeks are RCI Gold Crown and they ALL have a low management fee. You can buy from your own home, no presentations or hard sell! We take care of all of the paperwork including RCI's and we supply resort disclosure documents prior to purchase along with all agreements.

Buying is easy Just call 01273 844 570 or mail us at info@rcipointstimeshare.com.
Everything is done by post, we handle all the paperwork with the resort and RCI. If you have an existing timeshare that you want to convert, just give us a call and we will ask RCI for a valuation We have lots of guides and help for newcomers to points just ask!

Want to know how You Could Use Your Points?
Mail info@rcipointstimeshare.com

Of course you can surrender your ownership back to us at any time under your agreement with us at no cost to yourself. Whether surrendering or reselling your management fee must be up to date and you cannot have used weeks going into future years (without paying that management fee of course).

We are specialists in RCI Points using our own Resorts. This makes them easy for us to resell and break apart the points ownership back into the weeks it comprises, at our own resorts, without excessive external resort charges and fees. We also only use our Gold Crown resorts and they have low management fees.

RCI Points Timeshares, freedom to request anywhere in the World, anytime of year including peak school, in any Size of unit, to just about every type of accommodation from RCI Villas through hotels to yachts and canal cruisers. All you need is to own timeshare weeks that deliver enough points for where and when you want to go. And here are those deals!

Why we have best RCI Points Ownerships Anywhere!
We use our own weeks at our RCI home resort group which are RCI Gold Crown Quality, have a low management fee and over a 10 year track record of being below inflation annual rises. We sell our existing owners resales which make them perfectly priced and clean title and free of debt and our resorts are now fully owner controlled.

How do our RCI Points packages work? We combine high point value peak weeks, that have a very low annual management fee in our offers. You buy a week or selection of weeks and we put them in your name, convert them into points use every year with RCI Points, to their specific values per week, and we do this in one simple package. No fuss, no hassle and everything is included except your annual management fee, which your resort will bill you direct (you can pay online in your member account).

What's included? Your weeks which you own forever, All the legal fees and closing costs, Your first full 12 months of RCI points Membership, your new Member RCI Points Owners Pack.

Where is my RCI Points Ownership based? Our resorts are in the Canary Isles, but your RCI Points Timeshare Ownership runs from the nearest RCI Points Office nearest to your home address. So if you live in Canada or the USA, that is where your new members pack initiates and your ownership runs in US$ or CAD$. If you live in the UK, it will run from Kettering, Luxembourg from there and so on. Your bidding price includes everything except your yearly resort management fee

  • Legal transfer of ownership and title deeds in your name - INCLUDED
  • Ownership is forever and the resort Owner Controlled and run INCLUDED
  • You will own HIGH SEASON Timeshare Weeks in our Gold Crown Resort in The Canaries INCLUDED
  • You will also be a member of our RCI Home Group of RCI Gold Crown Resorts for First Booking Rights (Lanzarote And Tenerife) INCLUDED
  • Resort in Trust with FNTC - First National Trustee Co. Protecting all of the owners property and the entire resort INCLUDED
  • Conversion fee for RCI points and RCI Points membership INCLUDED
  • You are purchasing weeks to be used as RCI points which will be replenished every year and are ready to use the minute the purchase completes! INCLUDED
  • Your RCI Points ownership will run from your local RCI Office, wherever you live in the world. Use 2014 or save the points till next year INCLUDED
  • All closing costs (legal property costs etc) - available to clients worldwide INCLUDED.

First use 2014, however first yearly resort charge not billed until June 2014. You get to use it straight away on clearance though! We have thousands of happy owners since we started over 27 years ago, for more info ask for a resort information and legal disclosure pack

Rock Solid Quality Ownerships!

You only buy it once so buy the best at the right price, right ownership, safe and secure for years to come

RCI Points Timeshare Luxury Apartment Lounge at one of our resorts
RCI Gold Crown

Our Luxury Apartments

RCI Points Timeshare Luxury Villa at one of our resorts
RCI Gold Crown

Our Luxury Villas

Buy Your RCI Points Timeshare from a UK Trading Standards Awarded Company - Buy with confidence awards yearly
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Award 2011,2012,2013,2014

Buy Your RCI Points Timeshare from us and have your own high priority set of Gold Crown RCI resorts
RCI GC Home Group

RCI Priority and first choice

Buy Your RCI Points Timeshare from us and you can request any other RCI resort in the World
Endless Exchanges

No barriers to RCI exchange requests

Buy Your RCI Points Timeshare from us and have your own high priority set of Gold Crown RCI resorts
Owner Controlled Resort

Unique Ownership Package

  • Top Ownerships

    The most points for the least management fees with a track record going back 15 years of fees in line or below inflation

  • One Call Or Email To Buy RCI Points

    Buying is simple, safe and easy. With 27 years as a much respected UK Company we are at your service!

  • Gold Crown Home Resorts Group

    Our top-notch highly maintained Gold Crown Home Resort Group adds power and priority exchange at your own group of resorts.

  • Trading Standards Awarded "Buy With Confidence"

    We are proud to be the only UK Timeshare Reseller that is Trading Standards Awarded and Approved here in the UK

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